The WBLCA  was founded in 1993 in order to facilitate, engage and build relationship between counsels and lawyers. Based in London, we currently employ 57 full-time staff and over 250 experts in the field of Legal business consultancy.


WBLCA has built a solid reputation for its knowledge, flexibility, reliability, as well as the ability to successfully implement projects within its core sectors: FDI, International Trade development, economic trade and regional integration, Market entry and Client Acquisition Consultancy.


The WBLCA  helps companies define their strategic direction and remove the obstacles to profitable growth. It is also a key resource for businesses and organizations in the Capital Region and worldwide.  The WBLCA helps its members build upon their successes through an array of skills development, resource sharing and networking opportunities while working together to maintain the standards and reputation of the consulting profession. Our organization is the ideal first stop shop for anyone seeking consulting services. We can help you to build and develop your business giving you the right information which will help you to perform better on the market and eliminate the concurrency, so our professional consultants will eliminate the obstacles from your way.


Our philosophy of collaboration and education differentiate us from traditional "study and report" consulting firms and ensures that strategy recommendations are implemented and that action is taken.


We work with senior management of leading companies to create strategies that are grounded in current market realities, driven by unique insights, and designed to "redefine the rules of the game."