Working together to ensure new business success.Driving forward opportunities and developing the new business approach.

For each new business campaign we agree clear objectives for number of meetings, briefs identified and business won. As one campaign reaches fruition, we re-calculate the performance measures to make sure we are constantly tracking, and accountable to, the quality of our output.

We understand there can be many reasons why well qualified and productive first meetings may not have resulted in business won. This could be down to the positioning of the agency, not asking the right questions, a lack of follow up after the meeting, or the clients priorities change.


We carefully review each of the elements needed for a successful pipeline on a monthly basis. Post meeting outcomes are clearly defined to ensure our clients are able to maximize each opportunity. Where appropriate, we have developed a number of coaching modules and workshops to help our clients fine tune their meeting approach and structure. This has had a direct impact on their ability to develop opportunities, and improved their conversion of new business.

To win some deals it may only require one meeting, but for others it can be considerably more complex, and may involve additional decision makers. To support the process our team are sufficiently skilled at managing contact with the prospect to drive through second meetings, follow up on proposals, or maintain dialogue for future briefs and budget release.