Legal Education & Training

There are three core streams by which WBLCA can provide professional services with respect to education and training:


Bespoke Training

WBLCA and its associates can help your organisation either with the design of bespoke training on your chosen aspects of market data and FDI or we can go further and fully implement and operate a range of courses that will be very carefully tuned to the needs of your staff and/or customers. Our unique and deep understanding of this industry sector and our ability to articulate concepts, ideas and facts at the level you need is what makes our offering so powerful and ultimately so valuable.


Learning Development

Training and Education is the solution to needs you may have in your organisation. WBLCA, working in close association with highly specialised associates, can work with you to identify and fully understand those needs; with a view to working with you in a consultative process to design an effective and appropriate program of staff development. In these critical and difficult times a much heard mantra is “we must do more but with less resources” – an easy phrase that trips off the tongue of management but in the harsh light of day it is quite a frightening concept to implement. At the risk of dehumanising people into being resources that phrase is often a euphemism for “let’s ask our people to work harder and to work longer hours”. Another approach is to help your people to be more effective and efficient in what they do - that is where a strategic approach to Learning Development can be a very pragmatic investment in these troubled times.


Educational Content

At the heart of any educational program there must be a set of facts and an underlying knowledge base. WBLCA is making great strides in accumulating and collating large sections of this knowledge base and over time we will be presenting a range of materials that are accessible from the resources section of this web site. This part of WBLCA’s offering falls slightly outside the traditional definition of professional services and if anything has more of a publishing dimension. However, we believe the combination of our extensive range of professional services supported and augmented by these on line resources provide true tangible value to you our clients.



This training module focuses on specific business presentation skills and designed to assist in the delivery of high value business: focusing on all aspects of the appointment from body language and use of visual aids, to really understanding client requirements through effective questioning.

  • Setting Objectives – the three objectives of a presentation: clarifying, confirming, and preparation

  • Structuring the presentation – developing the content of a credentials pitch to maximize impact

  • Communication Skills - rapport building, eye contact, voice control, probing, and listening

  • Persuasion and Motivation – identifying with audience, selling to multiple buyers, and motivating forces

  • Defining Customers Position – setting the scene, generating interest, and developing credibility

  • Identifying Customers Priorities- needs and objectives

  • Determining Customers Possibilities – their choices and the implications

  • Structuring your proposal- matching needs to benefits, adding value, and presenting what sells, and…

  • Closing the Presentation – how to close, and dealing with Q&As.

The module will take place over the course of a day. It also includes a verbal debrief to management and follow-up phone calls to participants to check on progress or take questions.