Frequently Asked Questions










What are the benefits of participating in the survey for one of your reports?
Aside from helping to provide a more accurate picture of your market, your firm will be eligible to obtain the final report at a substantially discounted price (usually between 40 and 50 per cent off the list price). This will be made available to your firm as soon as the report is ready. The report can be provided both in hard copy and as a PDF file that can be distributed within your firm as needed.


Can you tell us whether our firm has participated in any other jurisdictions that you cover?

If you are part of a large international US or UK firm, then your firm will most likely have cooperated with us on previous reports in other jurisdictions. To find out whether your firm has any history of participation, please contact us and we will confirm immediately.




What does taking part in the survey involve?

We request that participants take part in an interview that typically lasts around 45 minutes. These interviews are usually conducted face to face at your offices, with a managing partner and/or an office manager, HR director or finance director. The interview covers subjects such as market trends, recruitment policies, benefits, utilisation and realisation rates, and billing and collection practices. This interview is supplemented by completion of a data sheet that outlines your office’s compensation and billing rates.



Which firms took part in the last survey for my jurisdiction?

We survey only recognised international firms (including magic circle UK firms and top-tier US firms) and leading local firms in each jurisdiction. Since a great deal of the data that law firms provide to us is highly sensitive, we guarantee all our participants anonymity and provide confidentiality agreements to reassure participants that their data is in the safest of hands. Within the reports, for the purposes of comparative data analysis, we split firms into groups such as US, UK, domestic and European, as well as comparing all firms together.


I’m sceptical about this kind of survey. How do we know that the data being provided to you is accurate?
In most of the jurisdictions we cover, the reports are compiled annually. This means that we are able to compare data against previous results and flag up any anomalies to query with participants. The fact that our interviews are conducted face to face provides us with an opportunity to discuss data in-depth and investigate any apparent discrepancies. Since the participants’ identity remains confidential, there is no reason for firms to exaggerate their figures.



When does research for my jurisdiction take place?

The research timetable can vary significantly from year to year. Although we will usually try to contact your firm when we are organising research interviews for a new report, we cannot always be sure we have the right contacts in place. To find out when the next report is due for your region, please contact us.