Since the early 20th century consulting has truly developed as a key cornerstone in driving success in businesses globally. At its infancy helping firms streamline and corporate strategy allowing firms to gain expert advice in navigating through tough economic conditions, minimize risk and excel growth domestically and internationally with core values of integrity, trust and reliability. WBLCA as one of the world’s leading specialist providers of market entry consulting, market and business development consulting prides itself to be part of this evolution combining new thinking with the founding core values of the profession. Our company maintains the highest standards of quality and service in research, market entry and business development consulting. Our commitment to service and quality are the basis for our success as a world’s leading provider of specialist market entry consulting.


Our Clients includes the top 250 corporations globally and firms that deliver new thinking to their clients and the markets they operate in as a whole. Every Client is unique to us and never just another project but a long-term relationship and a commitment to always deliver excellence. In the last 2 years, the global environment has significantly changed and today more than ever our clients rely on us to help them navigate the road ahead and help them turn their vision into reality.



WBLCA  further develops its SME practice, incorporating the concept of virtual presence and a systematic long-term approach to markets in the developed countries where it operates. Nordic clients make up a major part of WBLCA’s project portfolio. Richard Manad is hired to support our marketing efforts in Netherlands. WBLCA  signs a contract with a major defense contractor to identify high-tech SMEs in the Nordic area able to fulfill the contractor’s offset obligations with the countries concerned.



WBLCA - WBLCA, Shangai and Singapore are founded. The drivers for this were the shift in the influence of Hong Kong to Shanghai as China’s capital for international trade and Singapore’s continuing importance as a market for our Russian and French clients



WBLCA - opened a new office  in San Antonio (USA) and taking on board a team of 17 consultants within the group.



WBLCA opened a new office in Delhi(India) and taking on board a team of 9 consultants.


WBLCA launches into LPO,KPO and targeted Counsel study programmes


WBLCA Initiatives

  • Professional Development: Monthly luncheon seminars with topics tailored to meet the exclusive needs of WBLCA members. These seminars are designed to foster a spirit of community and to provide a collegial forum for discussion, sharing of ideas and expertise.

  • Online Network/ Database: The WBLCA website was developed in 2007 and is the only site dedicated exclusively to small in-house legal departments. The WBLCA’s calendar of events is conveniently accessible on the site. The website contains a password protected area which is exclusively dedicated to members only. This section includes:◦member profiles and contact information;

    • a library of resources including precedents, recent articles, and seminar materials;

    • links to frequently used legal resources and services.

  •  The WBLCA Board of Directors welcome partnering with businesses providing services to the legal community. This promotes the WBLCA's business consulting experience further within the legal community and allows the consulting fees to remain at a nominal amount. 

  • Diverse Representation: The WBLCA currently has over 3,177 corporates from a variety of business sectors including oil & gas, utilities, insurance, venture capital, information technology, insurance and construction services. This allows WBLCA to tap into a broad range of expertise and ensures that the goals and direction of the WBLCA remained broad-based.

  • Leadership: The WBLCA’s long-term strategic direction is to initiate the development of sister WBLCA groups representing major cities and/or provinces.