Keeping you top of the mind with brands you want to work with.Making sure you build the right relationships within your target companies.


You can identify the brands you want to get in front of, but timing is always going to be a critical factor. With the added complexity of the strengthening influence of procurement, it has never been more important to build and cultivate relationships alongside shorter term objectives.

Where possible, we endeavor to get you in front of a potential client at the time they are reviewing their existing arrangements, or a brief is available. The keep in touch strategy is managed by us to ensure that you are front of mind when that budget does arise, and pro-actively look for innovative ways to keep all decision makers warm between meeting and first brief.


We develop contact strategies that keep prospects interested in your agency. It has to be more than just calling every few months to see if things have changed. The more value you can impart to the prospect the better. This could be thought leadership, industry research and commentary, awards and recent wins, an invitation to your speaker slot, a hosted event, or simply keeping prospects up to date with your latest work that is relevant to them.

As well as the opportunities that we deliver on a monthly basis, we are constantly gathering key insights on the rest of your prospect pool; finding out about who they are working with, when they review and any relevant projects in the pipeline. Over time, we build a detailed view of your target market and the potential opportunities. This allows us to work more efficiently in terms of whom we contact, and to re-approach with greater insight.

Our bespoke CRM system ensures that prospects are always contacted when agreed, and at key review times. You will have 24/7 access from day one,through your dedicated account manager, so you can always find out the status of a lead we’re working on. The data and insights we generate from our activity on your account are always 100% owned by you.