Identify the right Legal prospects and see who needs your Legal services/products

Converting prospects into paying clients becomes far easier when you know who is actively searching for your services in your geographical region/or your particular expertise – and when you can quickly engage them.

Increase conversion rates, your business development time and fill your new business pipeline with pre-qualified prospects from WBLCA. Prospects are generated based on your firm’s expertise and the specific needs of your target clientele. We then screen prospective clients before passing their information on to you; confirming their need for your service and helping you engage the right prospects for your business.

We serve our clients in 5 key areas to help them build their new business pipeline;


Quality Legal Prospect Data

At  WBLCA we offer clients a practical path to competitive advantage by providing reliable business data, insight and recommendations based on advanced research methodologies together with our strong C-level relationships.


Stay ahead of your Legal competitors

Research shows that when making a decision, clients will first establish objectives and then consider a course of action after going through a selection of several alternative options. This process is often based on client opinion, thus timing is an essential factor. We will provide your business access to high-quality prospects within maximum 48 hours of engagement, enabling you a prompt follow-up prospective clients immediately once their objectives is established.


Know-how of key Legal Markets and Corporations

We pass on to you our experience of decision maker mapping within prospective organisations to help you better reach a decision with prospective clients. Our insight is built on high quality data your business can rely on together with long term business relations with key decision-makers globally.


Identifying Legal prospect patterns

Throughout the process we analyse uptake of your services whether internationally of within your internal market to identify patterns of certain geographical, sector, size, or other needs that drive growth for your business in certain clusters. This will allow focusing your strengths and enhancing your advantage over your competitors.


We use our experience and expertise to consistently produce a regular stream of quality new Legal business opportunities

What is a good lead for one firm is not necessarily so for the next. We qualify each meeting based on a sound understanding of each clients capabilities and commercial position. This is then aligned to the prospects objectives, responsibility, upcoming activity and budget.

Well thought out targeting, and prospect insight provides focus to our approach, and helps to stimulate prospects interest. Initial contact is made at senior level, to ensure that opportunities will be progressed with key decision makers.

The ideal situation for both of us is for you to be introduced to high spending clients (relative to each firm) where a brief is identified, or a pitch is there to be won. At the same time, we know that some opportunities can start small, and significantly develop over time. Sometimes this is through a well placed credentials meeting, or by winning a test project and developing the relationship from there.