WBLCA have developed Intelli as a new business tool, to provide in-house new business development teams with daily leads, insights, and key decision maker details across the UK, United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific leading brands.

The Intelli database contains over 12,500 contacts, from 5200 leading companies, across 28 industry sectors. This includes key decision maker contacts across Legal,Tax and Market Segments. The database continues to grow. However, the key point of differentiation we have from our competitors is the quality, not quantity of data in the database. Every contact is validated at least once every 3 months. We also undertake bespoke validation projects for our clients to identify harder to find decision makers, or contacts within niche market segments.

In order to gather the information we need to produce our legal market intelligence reports, we survey major international firms and leading local firms in each jurisdiction. Research is conducted via face-to-face interviews with managing partners, office managers and directors of HR and finance at the firms surveyed.

Since a great deal of the data provided is highly sensitive, we guarantee all our participants anonymity and provide confidentiality agreements to reassure them that their data is in the safest of hands.

For over a decade, WBLCA has been researching and publishing detailed legal market intelligence reports on key jurisdictions around the world. These reports contain aggregated data on billing, compensation and bonuses for all levels of fee-earner and the full range of legal support staff. The data is accompanied by editorial analysis of subjects such as general market trends, recruitment, benefits, utilisation and realisation.