Corporate Clients


A significant part of WBLCA's activities are based on assisting companies expand their business towards international markets. Over its history, WBLCA has helped some 500 companies of various sizes select which markets to go after and how to find local partners in them.

Our services to private companies start from initial advice on whether and where to internationalize as well as proceed into more of a hands-on business development in Europe, North America and Asia.


Institutional Clients


We work with government agencies and institutions that finance multiple SME programs that have developed from our initial activities in the private sector. They included institutions in Europe, Asia and North America. Our projects with institutional clients have included benchmarking against (and with) other export promotion agencies as well as implementing internationalization programs designed to further the economic growth of the country or region in question. In addition, we have worked extensively with FDI for various non-competing countries and regions.

Business Legal Generation and Client Acquisition

Building and Managing Legal Relationship

Legal Market Intelligence

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